What you must visit when you come to Jyväskulä

This article is about what you should definitely know about Jyväskulä, why you should visit this city and what sights of the city are worth visiting.

Jyväskulya bears the title of Finnish Athens and it’s for a reason. In 1858, the first Finnish-language lyceum was opened here, which is considered the first Finnish-language educational institution of the upper secondary level. In 1863, the first Finnish-language teacher training school was opened. In 1864 – the first Finnish-language school for girls. In 1914 – the first summer university in Finland. Now in Jyväskulya, about 40 thousand people study in various educational institutions. Since 1966, the University of Jyväskylä has been operating, one of the largest universities in Finland, with about 16 thousand students. The university has 7 faculties, including the only physical culture faculty in the country. This is one of the true European study capitals.

According to polls of the local population, Jyvaskul is in the top 3 for willingness to live and work here. It’s really easy to imagine. The city is located in the very center of central Finland – one of the most beautiful parts of it. Hilly terrain and dozens of lakes stretch around the city and within its boundaries. True northern nature begins here, with its evergreen conifers, gorgeous winter landscapes and blue lakes.

In the city you can find many buildings designed by Alvar Aalto. The influence of this architect on Finnish architecture and the perception of Nordic minimalism cannot be imagined without this ingenious architect. These places are easy to find on the map and should definitely be included in the list of places to visit if you feel like an extraordinary traveler. Among the more “pop” places for tourists, of course, one should highlight the Alvar Aalto Museum, Museum of Central Finland, University of Jyväskylä, Craft Museum of Finland, and of course the Aviation Museum of Central Finland. Some of the buildings, by the way, were built with the assistance of the previously mentioned Alvar Aalto.

We could talk about Jyvaskul for a very long time and all 150 thousand inhabitants would agree with us in many ways, but this article should end, so we say goodbye to this and declare that a visit to Jyvaskul is your must have when traveling around Finland.

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