Terms of Use

(I) By paying or booking a room on this website, or at the check-in counter, the guest agrees and accepts the following hotel rules, as well as the conditions of check-in and stay:

1.1. The guest is over 18 years of age and is in possession of a valid ID at the time of arrival at the hotel;

1.2. The guest has a valid bank card with which he (she) made the room reservation (not required for corporate clients and companies).

(II) By paying for a reservation on our website, the guest agrees that:

2.1. Nord Park Hotel may refuse to check in and refund a guest for the following reasons:

  • the guest is in a state of strong alcoholic, drug or any other intoxication;
  • the guest directly or indirectly threatens the employees and property of the hotel, or other guests;
  • the guest tries to pay for any services with a bank card that does not belong to him, or with counterfeit cash money;
  • the guest has wild and potentially dangerous animals with him;
  • the guest has a firearm or other weapon with him.


(III) Guest accepts following fines policy:

3.1. In case of damage to hotel property, the guest will be fined double the amount of the damage actually caused to the hotel calculated by the responsible hotel employee;

3.2. In case of detection of cases of smoking on the territory of the hotel, the guest will be fined in the amount of EUR 500.00, regardless of whether the fire alarm is triggered (the penalty for a false call to the fire department is paid separately, if it happens);

3.3. In case of insult or threats to hotel employees or other hotel guests, the guest will be fined EUR 300.00;

3.4. In case of drinking alcoholic beverages in public areas of the hotel (except for the restaurant, bar and hotel terrace), the guest will be charged a fine of EUR 200.00.

3.5. In case of losing the key to the room, locker, or other key issued to him, the guest pays a fine of EUR 200.00.

(IIII) The hotel reserves the right to refuse the guest to check-in, further accommodation of the guest at the hotel, as well as to refund money to the guest, in case of violation of any of the rules listed in clauses I, II, III.

(IIIII) These rules are drawn up in three languages: Finnish, Russian and English, in cases of dispute, the main language of the rules is English. Typos or errors in the text of the rules cannot be a pretext for violating these rules. By paying for a room, service, or booking a room in our hotel, the guest automatically confirms that he has read, understood and accepted these rules of residence and check-in at the hotel.

Last update 7.9.2021

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