Road 75, or Finnish 4

The famous Finnish track number 4 is actually not only Finnish.

What do we mean? It is part of a large 6,500 kilometer long route that crosses most of Europe from south to north. This road is called European Route 75. This highway originates far outside Finland, but merges with road number 4 on its territory. In Finland 75 (4), the route passes through the following cities: Helsinki – Lahti – Heinola – Jyväskylä – Äänekoski – Oulu – Kemi – Rovaniemi – Sodankylä – Ivalo – Inari – Utsjoki.

The Finnish part of the trail is one of the most beautiful, and especially the part of the route that starts after the sign “Central Finland”. From now on, the road is replete with hills, densely covered with evergreen trees, endless lakes, traditional Finnish households and unforgettable views. There are almost no advertisements on the track, there are no numerous U-turns and transport junctions and speed changes – this is an almost ideal road for a calm, measured drive. Every minute of travel along this part of the route is a pleasure.

There are many good places on the track to rest and eat or stay overnight, but of course we definitely recommend that you stay at the Nord Park Hotel in Äänekoski – this is the most convenient, central part of the route. The hotel is located on the shores of one of the largest and cleanest lakes in Finland – Lake Keitele. Here you can fully enjoy the famous Finnish hospitality and breathtaking views of central Finland before heading further north.

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