Refund Policy

By paying or booking a room on this site, the guest agrees to the following hotel policies regarding the refund of the booking:

1. Reservations can be made at any time before arrival at the hotel;

1.1. Cancellation of reservation can be made at any time;

1.2. In case of cancellation of the reservation 2 or more days before the date of arrival at the hotel, the cancellation fee will not be charged;

1.3. In case of cancellation of the reservation more than 1 but less than 2 days before the date of your arrival at the hotel, a cancellation fee will be charged equal to the cost of the first night;

1.3.1. In case of cancellation of a reservation consisting of several rooms, the cancellation fee will be equal to the cost of the first night in each room you booked;

1.4. If you cancel your booking less than one day before the check-in date, the cancellation fee is equal to the total value of your booking;

1.5. Sometimes on sale you can see rooms marked “non-refundable”. These rooms (rates) are usually cheaper. You can cancel such a booking, but you cannot get a refund. Even if you cancel your booking more than 2 days before arrival;

1.6. If you made a payment for your stay at the check-in counter without prior booking, the cancellation fee is full cost of your stay no matter how long it is;

1.7. We also assume that you can not arrive at the hotel, or arrive with a delay of 1 or more hours, without warning and coordination of late arrival with the hotel administration. It calls “no-show”. In this case, we reserve the right not to check in your room and to write off the full cost of the booking;

1.7.1. The time of check-in at the hotel and the time of check-out from the hotel are indicated in the lower (footer) part of the site.

1.8. If you would like to change the dates of your booking, you can do so. However, you must do this at least two days before check-in at the hotel, in which case you only pay a service fee of 15 euros. If you want to change the dates of your booking less than two days before arrival, you will have to pay fine, as indicated in paragraph number 1 of the rules. We also draw your attention to the fact that the change of the dates of your booking is possible only if there are free rooms at the hotel for your new dates.

1.9. If, when booking a room, the specified rules are different than those written here, you must follow the rules that are specified when booking;

1.10. The method of payment (cash, card or bank transfer) does not in any way affect the rules specified in the previous paragraphs;

1.11. Nord Park Hotel reserves the right to cancel a guest’s booking in case of overbooking and / or for other reasons that the guest may not be notified of. The money for such a booking will be refunded in full. The hotel can assist in finding an alternative accommodation option, but no cancellation compensation will be given to the guest. 

2. Points of rules 1.-1.11. apply only to reservations made on the website and payment for a room at the front desk (without prior booking);

3. If you have booked a room at our hotel through,,, or any other platform and want to cancel your booking, you must contact the platform where you booked a room directly;

3.1. A request to cancel bookings from,, and others will not be processed if it is received directly from our website;

3.2. Please note that the rules for refunds and rules for booking rooms may differ significantly on the platforms on which we promote our hotel;

4. From the moment you notify us that you are canceling your booking, Nord Park is not responsible for accommodating your in the hotel (in other words, from the moment you made a request to cancel your booking, you can no longer cancel this action);

4.1. The exact time of cancellation is the exact time when you sent an email to, or

4.2 The property is located in the time zone GMT + 3. In controversial situations, we use this time zone;

5. By paying for a reservation on the website, you automatically confirm that you have read these rules, understood them and agree with them;

5.1 Errors and misprints in the text of these rules cannot be a pretext for violating these rules;

5.2.The meaning of the rules is the same in all languages. They are equal. In case of disputes, the main language of the rules is English ;

6.If you have a question related to your booking or cancellation of your booking, please contact us by email, or

6.1. Please note that in accordance with our terms of use of services and services, Nord Park Hotel has the right to refuse accommodation, or interrupt your accommodation at the hotel. The money may not be returned, and for some violations you can also get a fine. Find out more at this link before your arrival.

7. Terms:

  • “Check-in” and “Check-out” is process when guests come and leave hotel.
  • “Booking” or “reservation” is kind of appointment for hotel room;
  • “Day” or “days” is 24 hours (meaning cancellation terms as for accommodation day or days mean stay between 16:00-12:00);
  • “Cancellation” is guest or hotels refusal to book (or to keep reservation) a room;
  • “Paid cancellation”, or similar expressions means cancellation of bookings during the period when the free booking cancellation is no longer working;
  •  Free cancellation is any term more than two days;
  • “Penalty”, “cancellation fee”, “fine” or such is a compensation for cancellation of paid bookings;
  • “Property” is our hotel, as well as Nord Park Hotel, or such.

Last update 19.9.2021

If your reservation was made from our website, then please contact us by e-mail, or

If your reservation was made from or such system, please contact this system directly and cancel your reservation.

Yes, this is usually possible. However, you must inform the hotel in advance of a late arrival in order to receive a positive response to your request. Otherwise, you may be subject to rule 1.10. Please contact us by e-mail to inform us about late check-in, or

As a general rule, you can cancel your booking without any penalty two days before arrival. However, this rule is individual for each type of room and booking, as well as the booking system.

It can take from 1 to 7 days from the moment you contact us for a refund to the actual transfer of money. Each case of a refund is investigated individually, in some cases the specified period may be increased. Once we have approved and sent your refund, it is up to the recipient bank to receive your funds.

No, we can return funds only to the account from which they were received. This rule has no exceptions and is part of the rules of payment systems that we use on the site.

The first night will in most cases be charged on all booked rooms. So, if you have booked 5 rooms and violated the standard return policy, you will have to pay a penalty equal to 5 room-nights.

No, if your booking policy does not provide for a refund, or if you booked with a special offer, you cannot get a refund for those reservations for any period of time prior to arrival.

You can find more FAQ’s by clicking this link.

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