Lighting solutions from Juha Leiviskän in Nord Park

Juha Leiviskä was born on 17 March 1936 in Helsinki. He is an outstanding Finnish designer and architect. Many of his projects can be called true masterpieces. It is especially famous for its sacred buildings such as churches. In addition to architecture, it is also famous for its design of lamps, which are made in a real Finnish restrained style. The metal circles rise towards the center and end with a large dome. Our hotel has exactly these lamps that can be found in many buildings that Juha Leiviskä has built.

Designer light always gives the premises more coziness and comfort, but in the case of the light designed by Juha Leiviskä, the places illuminated by such lamps receive a special energy, filled with the history of Finnish design and architecture. This in itself is an unforgettable sight for true design connoisseurs.

And of course, we cannot fail to show you several other architectural and design works of an outstanding master of his craft …

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