Tourism in Finland during second corona spring

The disastrous impact of the pandemic on the tourism industry in the world and in Finland, although weakening, remains a rather strong factor influencing travel. The measures that the governments of different countries are introducing so far are of little help to the development of the industry, or at least its return to the previous indicators that we observed before the pandemic. This is an especially unfortunate situation given the steady growth of tourism in Finland and the increasing attractiveness of this country for international tourists. 

However, the specificity of Finnish tourism has a positive effect on the hotel business in Finland and related areas of business. Finns prefer to travel around the country due to the limitations of the coronavirus. Thus, trips abroad fell by more than 90 percent, according to estimates. But at the same time, domestic travel rose 40 percent between January and April. Paid room-nights, as usual, constituted the smallest part of all travel, but nevertheless, the activity within the country significantly supports the Finnish hotel business.

The Finnish specificity of tourism is not inherent in all countries, so in this sense, Finland is still very lucky. However, it should be recognized that although the hotel business is kept afloat, thanks to the internal flow of tourists, government support and other factors, some areas, such as boat and ferry travel, of course continue to be in very difficult circumstances.

In any case, the restrictions cannot last forever, it is impossible because of the internal and external relations of all countries of the international community. Therefore, a way out of this situation will be unequivocally found. Vaccinations, social distancing and other government measures should help fight the pandemic and ultimately bring tourism back on track.

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